celeri - github

  • Next generation python based imaging of earthquake cycle, fault and plate kinematics
  • Easy to use python foundation
  • Convenient automated block closure
  • Memory efficient H-matrix compression
  • Standardized file formats
  • Beautiful GMT-based visualization
  • Fast C/Fortran elastic calculations

bem2d.jl - github

  • Two-dimensional elastic boundary elements with quadratic shape functions
  • Written in Julia
  • Quadratic shape functions for more accurate near-field stress calculations
  • Supported element interactions
    • displacement → displacement
    • displacement → traction (use with caution)
    • traction → displacement (use with caution)
    • traction → traction (use with caution)

Triangular dislocation elements - github

Machine learning aftershock locations - github

  • A Python pipeline for learning (using Keras) the relationships between mainshock (from the SRCMOD catalog) static elastic stress changes and aftershock locations.